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Advanced Center for Genome Technology (ACGT/Roe) The OU ACGT provides the powerful tools of genomics and functional genomics to researchers at the University of Oklahoma and information to users around the world. http://www.genome.ou.edu/
Agio Technologies (Agio) Agio Technology provides high-end technology infrastructure and application management services to the world’s premier hedge funds. They support an array of complex and mission critical t… (see more) http://agioit.com
Atkins North America Inc. (formerly PBS&J) (Atkins) Established in 1938, Atkins has become one of the largest international design and engineering consulting firms, with offices across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia P… (see more)
Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc. (AER) Atmospheric and Environmental Research Scientists and engineers help governments and businesses solve the world’s biggest climate issues. They prepare agencies like NOAA, NASA and the Dep… (see more) http://www.aer.com
Atmospheric Technology Services Company LLC. (ATSC) Atmospheric Technology Services Company (ATSC) provides the technical expertise, industry community and confidentiality to assist with your weather or atmospheric related interests. ATSC … (see more) http://www.atscwx.com
Biomedical Engineering Lab (AME/Gan) The Biomedical Engineering Lab is located in the Stephenson Research and Technology Center with facilities including laser Doppler interferometer, material testing systems (MTS), microsco… (see more) bmelab.ou.edu
Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS) The Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms(CAPS) develops and demonstrates techniques for the numerical analysis and prediction of high-impact local weather and environmental condit… (see more) http://www.caps.ou.edu
Center for Applied Social Research (CASR) The Center for Applied Social Research (CASR) applies innovative concepts and methods in social sciences to advance complex, multi-faceted orgnizational, policy, and public health researc… (see more) http://casr.ou.edu
Center for Bioengineering / Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE / Liu) http://faculty-staff.ou.edu/L/Hong.Liu-1
Center for Research Program Development and Enrichment (CRPDE) The Center for Research Program Development and Enrichment was established in July 2010 to assist OU faculty, research scientists, postdocs and students in their efforts to build strong a… (see more)
Center for Risk and Crisis Management (CRCM) The Center for Risk and Crisis Management is an interdisciplinary research center at the University of Oklahoma that studies risk, risk perception and crisis management in several substan… (see more) crcm.ou.edu
Center for Spatial Analysis (CSA) The Center for Spatial Analysis (CSA) at the University of Oklahoma is a multidisciplinary university research center specializing in the study and application of geospatial science and t… (see more) http://csa.ou.edu
Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth (CCEW) Formed in 2006, The Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth (CCEW) is an exciting opportunity for students to partner with OU researchers and private sector mentors to advance early-st… (see more) http://ccew.ou.edu
CGI Federal CGI is an independent provider of end-to-end information technology services and business process services to clients globally. The Company’s delivery model provides for work to be carr… (see more)
College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences (A&GS) The Mission of the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences is to administer, guide, and direct an academic enterprise in geography, geoinformatics, and meteorology so as to become … (see more) ags.ou.edu
Computer Science Graduate instruction and research in computer science began in 1969 at the University of Oklahoma with the creation of a unit called Information and Computing Sciences. This unit was unde… (see more) http://www.ou.edu/content/coe/cs.html
Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS) The Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies is a research organization created in 1978 by a cooperative agreement between the University of Oklahoma and the National Oc… (see more) http://www.cimms.ou.edu
Corporate Engagement Office (CEO) CEO provides concierge service across the entire University. By measuring our corporate relationships in three core areas: Research and Services, Knowledge Transfer, and Economic Developm… (see more) http://ceo.ou.edu
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (Chemistry) Research Themes:
1. Drug Discovery and Design
2. Nanotechnology
3. Enzyme Structure and Function
4. Biological Activity of Inorganic Compounds
5. Metabolic and Signaling Pathways
6…. (see more)
Design Intelligence Incorporated LLC. (DII) Design Intelligence Incorporated, LLC was created to be an advanced technology research and development company that would be indispensible to both government and commercial clients. DII’… (see more) http://www.dii1.com
Earth Obervation and Modeling (EOMF) The Earth Observation and Modeling Facility (EOMF) focuses on geospatial science and technology (remote sensing, global positioning system, geographical information sysetm) and its applic… (see more) http://www.eomf.ou.edu
Ecolab of Yiqi Luo (Ecolab / Luo) http://ecolab.ou.edu
Electrical & Computer Engineering / Ding (ECE / Ding) Research in Lei Ding’s Computational Imaging Laboratory is to design, develop, and establish the new generation of electrophysiological and functional imaging technologies through the adv… (see more)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering and in computer engineering. Graduate degrees include the M.S. and Ph.D. in electr… (see more)
Electrical and Computer Engineering / Atmospheric Radar Research Center (ECE/ARRC) The over-arching goal of the Atmospheric Radar Research Center is to provide University of Oklahoma (OU) students the most comprehensive educational experience in weather radar and meteor… (see more) arrc.ou.edu

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