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Oklahoma Climatological Survey (OCS) The Oklahoma Climatological Survey was established by the State Legislature in 1980 to provide climatological services to the people of Oklahoma. The Survey maintains an extensive array o… (see more) http://climate.ok.gov
OSCER/IT (OSCER/IT) The OU Supercomputing Center for Education and Research (OSCER) will provide the University of Oklahoma (OU) community with High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure in education an… (see more) www.oscer.ou.edu
OU Bioengineering Center The development of new medical devices and materials to replace damaged or worn tissues and organs is becoming increasingly important as the average age of our population increases. In vi… (see more)
OU Department of Public Safety (OUDPS)
PCI (PCI) www.PowerCosts.com
Radar Innovations Laboratory (RIL) The Radar Innovations Laboratory (RIL) is the ARRC’s hardware design, fabrication, and test facility established in March 2007. It is located in the One Partners Place building on OU’s re… (see more) http://arrc.ou.edu/ril
Radar Operations Center (ROC) In 1988, the NEXRAD Agencies established the WSR-88D (Weather Surveillance Radar – 1988 Doppler) Radar Operations Center (ROC) in Norman, Oklahoma. The ROC employees come from the Nationa… (see more) http://www.roc.noaa.gov
Radar Research and Development Division (RRDD) Mission is to conduct research to advance weather radar technology and to develop and transfer applications, techniques, and new scientific understanding to the National Weather Service a… (see more)
Real Estate Operations (REO) The Real Estate Operation Office at The University of Oklahoma provides real estate service to the university in an environment that achieves operational excellence. All University real … (see more) http://www.ou.edu/realestate.html
Research Communications
Research Computing Services (RCS) Research Computing Services provides technology services to the National Weather Center, College of A&GS and other organizations on the University of Oklahoma Research Campus. http://rcs.ou.edu/
RiskMetrics Group RiskMetrics Group, Inc. provides risk management and corporate governance products and services to participants in the global financial markets. It operates in two segments, RiskMetrics a… (see more) http://www.riskmetrics.com
Robotics, Evolution, Adaptation and Learning Laboratory (CS / Hougen) Robotics, Evolution, Adaptation, and Learning Laboratory (REAL Lab) concentrates on intelligently connecting sensing to action. This connection is the essence of modern robotics and allow… (see more) http://www.cs.ou.edu/~hougen
School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (AME) The School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma is one of seven schools within the College of Engineering. AME prepares students at all levels to solve en… (see more) http://www.coe.ou.edu/ame/faculty/gan.htm
School of Meteorology (SoM) The School of Meteorology at the University of Oklahoma is the largest such program in the nation, with more than 300 undergraduate and 110 graduate students. Is ranked in the top ten of … (see more) http://weather.ou.edu
South Central Climate Science Center OU serves as the host institution to the South Central Climate Science Center. Located in Norman, Oklahoma, OU is known internationally for its expertise in atmospheric sciences and its 5… (see more) http://www.southcentralclimate.org/index.php
SRTC Operations (SRTC Operations) The $27 million facility located at the corner of Jenkins Avenue and David L. Boren Boulevard, just north of Highway 9, is named in honor of the Stephensons in recognition of their $6 mil… (see more) http://srtc.ou.edu
Storm Prediction Center (SPC) The NOAA Storm Prediction Center (SPC) prepares forecasts of hazardous weather affecting the continental United States. The SPC, formerly known as the National Severe Storms Forecast Cent… (see more) http://www.spc.noaa.gov
Symbiotic Computing Laboratory (CS / Fagg) The Symbiotic Computing Laboratory is dedicated to the study of the symbiotic relationships between humans and machines. In particular, we examine:
-machines as models of how biological … (see more)
The K20 Center for Educational and Community Renewal (K20) Building a prosperous economy for tomorrow depends on the curiosity and knowledge that children develop today, especially in science. The K20 Center is an educational and research center … (see more) k20center.ou.edu
Tutorial Group (tg) For demo purposes tutorialgroup.ou.edu
University Research Cabinet The mission of the Research Cabinet is to guide strategic actions that further strengthen all dimensions of research among the university’s three campuses.

Working with the executive… (see more)

Vieux and Associates Inc. (VIEUX) Vieux, Inc. is an engineering technology firm specializing in water information software, products and services. “We bring the atmosphere down to earth” by harmonizing weather radar data … (see more) http://www.vieuxinc.com
Visual Neuroscience Laboratory The OU Visual Neuroscience Laboratory is housed on the University of Oklahoma’s research campus in Norman, Oklahoma, and exists as a partnertship with Dr. Lei Ding and the Computational I… (see more)

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