The University of Oklahoma’s Research Campus is a collaborative environment where academia, industry, and government build on the university’s intellectual vitality.  Collectively, the federal and private entities housed on the Research Campus represent more than 750 technology and knowledge-based jobs for the Norman community and the state of Oklahoma.

“During the past decade, research expenditures have more than doubled at OU and sponsored research has grown at twice the national growth rate. Particularly successful university research programs including weather, genomics, chemistry, health sciences, nanosciences, education, and applied social research as well as technology development and transfer will continue to grow.” – President Boren



Since 2003:
•$288 million Research Campus infrastructure investment
•15 private companies
•500+ private jobs
•250+ federal jobs

Since 2005:
•OU-Norman Research +60%

Since 2008:
•OU Technology Commercialization +100%

2013 and beyond:
•Five Partners Place in design phase
•Radar Innovation Lab complete in 2013